Saturday, 13 May 2017

Week 2 update part 2

The end of week 2 of the stress management journey has come.
In this update I will share the stress management technique I have tried from Wednesday (9/5/2017) to Saturday (13/5/2017). 
The activity I experimented with is a little unconventional. It's bead embroidery. The reason I have chosen this is because my brief research suggested that certain hand crafts such as hand embroidery can provide an affect similar to the traditional forms of meditation.

My brief experience from doing a little hand bead embroidery had a mixed affect on my stress levels in the past 4 days of practising hand bead embroidery. On Wednesday the day I started this unconventional form of meditation had a great affect on me. My stress level before I started was at 7/10.  To my surprise, as I sewing sequence and beads on to fabric I noticed how quiet and low key 1my thoughts were. I beaded for about 30 minutes straight reducing my stress level down to 3/10. On Thursday (11/5/2017) I felt the same kind of eternal bliss of silence that lasted for 30 minutes. Friday (12/5/2017)  and Saturday (13/5/2017) this eternal bliss of a quiet mind slightly faded. My stress levels prior starting were 8/10. By the end of the 30 minute beading session my stress did reduce to 5/10 I did not feel as relaxed as I did on Wednesday and Thursday.

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