Friday, 12 May 2017

Week 2 update - Stress management Technique - meditation

Although week 2 hasn't completely finished I do need to make this update.

In week 2 I decided try out a couple different stress management technique. One technique I decided to try for 3 days (Sunday 7/5/2017 to Tuesday 9/5/2017) is meditation. I chose meditation purely on the many positive affects it has on people I know personally and also many successful celebrities such as Oprah who uses meditation as a technique to slow down and find peace for a few minutes in their busy lives each day.

My first few attempts at meditation has not been very successful. My stress level on day one (Sunday 7/5/2017) has been a 8 out of 10. The trigger of this high scaling was due to preparation for a mid-semester exam and a group presentation together. As you could imagine I was mentally very distracted with how i would be completing my assigned tasks for the group presentation which was held on Tuesday as well as completing my assigned task for the final presentation that will be will presented on the very next morning. If anything the meditation had very little affect on me on both Sunday and Monday.
On Tuesday however I felt the affects of meditating became much more effective on my stress level which reached 8/10 prior to starting dropping to about 5/10. My trace of thought became much clearer.

I did use a 5 minute meditation music. I found it helped a lot.

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